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"The cards are dealt, just remember the simple rules."

"Don't cheat, don't die, and don't lose!"

After a night out drinking, you are suddenly kidnapped and wake up before the infamous serial killer Dice. Don't worry though, he just wants to play a game... As long as you  play along you should get out without a scrape! At least, physically that is.

On your turn of the game, Dice will deal you cards with names and locations... but you have to get these people to fall in love with you, before Dice's turn ends! Should you succeed, you can discard the corresponding card, and continue until the deck runs out! However, should you not have anything to discard... Well it's safe to say you'll lose for sure!


At the beginning of each day,  you must decide to either Work, Date, or Discard. If you work, you gain money. This will let you go on dates and buy gifts for your significant others. If you go on a Date, choose a location, and a Partner, to grow your bond with them. However, be weary... a ghost from a previous lover could scare you into avoiding a particular location! Once a partner has confessed their love for you, you can Discard. If you Discard you are brought back to Dice's table, where Dice will take your card, and your partner!

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im excited for this game!